version 0.9.5 unstable prerelease for linux/ubuntu

• Mar 11, 2009 - 00:06

when open mscore and try to do the follows operations:
a window set previously is opened BUT IT IS TOTALLY BLANK clicking on it something appear but insignificant
try to do the follow
File=>Recent it correcly opens a recente file
try again
the operation works correctly and appear the window where can I find my files ...
is it possible to downdate to the previous release ? how can I do?
many thanks


Try looking in the "backports' repository of Ubuntu. As a Windows user I don't know the details but that's what I've heard other people say.

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As far as I understand (I guess toby smithe will correct me if I'm wrong).
Ubuntu policy is to make update available for the ubuntu release only for security reason.

See here for the musescore version available for your ubuntu version :…
So Hardy was out with 0.9.1, that is... I don't know what will happen if you try to install the 0.9.4 package for Jaunty.

Toby is kind enough to make a prerelease available in his PPA, prereleases are unstable version. But bugs in a prerelease are often solved in the next prerelease.

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