Playback view shows upper staves

• Aug 22, 2011 - 00:08

Hi all. I'm currently working in a rather large score, and what happens is that when I'm working on the string section (lower part of the page) and hit the play button, the scrolling view jumps to the upper staves (woodwinds) leaving the strings out of the screen. The "Hide empty staves" works a bit, with the already written staves, but if I want to write in any of the hidden ones, I have to go and uncheck the option.

Is there a way for the playback view to stay showing the staves (or the part of the page if you like) one is working on, without jumping to the top of the page on every turn of bar or page?



No, but I sure wish there was. Mostly I just zoom out until enough of the page fits on screen. I suppose you could hit "I" to go to the Instruments dialog and temporarily reorder the staves to put theones you care about on the top. That would get old quickly, though.

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Something weird seems to happen though... (I've been trying out solutions) if I zoom to view just the middle part of the page, no problem, the view stays there... even if I zoom in the string section, the view stays there ONLY if the last staff isn't shown. If the counterbasses' staff appears on the screen, the view jumps... maybe that last staff is a guide for the view to start from the top?

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