Continuous view (like Scroll view in Finale or Panorama view in Sibelius

• Mar 11, 2009 - 01:57

I find it clumsy having to resort to the navigator at the end of each line. It slows you down. A continuous view is easier to work in. I'm surprised that nobody has suggested this. Is it in the program and I've missed it?


I very rarely have to use the navigator. Unless I am doing something very detailed, I keep the zoom on page width and use the wheel on my mouse to scroll down when I need to. For switching pages, I think it would be nice to be able to use the [page up] and [page down] keys to move the view one page left or right respectively, or even incrementally so that it could be used in closer views (for the visually impaired) where an entire page won't fit on the screen. I've found that entering notes with the keyboard makes things go much faster and greatly reduces the need to zoom in to where a whole line won't fit on the screen.

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I find that I don't really need the navigator if I'm working on an A4 score - for orchestral pieces with ridiculous page sizes, a continuous view would be an absolute godsend. Before I started using MuseScore, I was using programs like NoteWorthy, NoteEdit and Sibelius, which have continuous view, and it was much easier to work on big scores.

It's by no means a necessity, but it's one of those small features that makes life just a little bit easier.


je trouve la fonction panorama très agréable à utiliser et j'aimerais bien la retrouver dans Musescore. Cela serait un vrai plus et j'aurais plaisir à utiliser cette fonctionnalité. Cela améliore la lisibilité de la partition.

Un formidable bravo à l'équipe qui développe ce fantastique logiciel. Je me connecte quotidiennement au site pour suivre les développements.


I was also looking for a "panorama view." I find that the use of pages makes it less concenient to look back at what you've already written.

+1 from me. Additionally I must admit that I do not see any benefit in the grey border around the sheet. It's just annoying when scrolling over the border with less accurate means as touchpads.

I like the idea of having the option to switch to scroll view or panorama view.

Similarly, I would like the navigator box to follow me if I scroll past its view. In other words, if I scroll too far, the navigator box disappears from the navigator. This gets annoying when I decide to use the navigator after scrolling.

Also, I would love to have something like Sibelius's "Magic Margin." In case you don't know what that is, it's a transparent margin which follows you around wherever you navigate. It constantly shows the instrument name, the clef, and the key signature (I can't remember whether it shows time signature).

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Yes,, and thanks for reminding this...

This is another Very Basic essential of navigation,
in other areas the "Magic Margin" it's called (it's a functionality) "freezing pannels."
In notation software programming it's been an issue 'cause seemingly it's been misunderstood or mistaken by a Notation
Procedure that requires to show Courtesy Items on the left or end of the Line , when something changes (KEY Sig. or Time Signature, or Cleff). Which is not to be mistaken with Editing /Navigational capabilities required by the Arranger, Composer, Notator from the Software. A good , effective, simple "Magic Margin" show be Rezisable, and should fix these all three elements Plus Instr names or any interesting itemsituated to theleft that need to be recalled at any time.

I've been using MScore not continuously, but I'm a great fun/supporter of it.

I don't know this latest version (up to mid Oct/2012) But every time I check a new Notation software, I go Immediately to the View , or Display or Navigation (menus/features) . I consider a mature/strong Notation Software the one that has good navigational capabilities:

-- Scroll or Panoramic View (almost a must)
-- Scroll bars in every window (bottom AND side)

-- "Go to" >>> Page , Bar, Time, etc. Commands (either by filling in the Measure counter/box or by KB shortcut/menu)

-- Customizable set of Windows and Panels views or set of windows
-- Automatic Smart ALLOCATION in current working space of any (opened/brought) new elements.

I agree with someone who wrote Scroll View, to begin with, it's a little thing (detail) that makes a big difference (work a lot easier).

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Continuous View (MuseScore's term for virtually the exact same thing as far as I can tell) has already been part of MuseScore for several years now (note this thread is over eight years old!). Select it using the main toolbar, the drop down list where it current says Page View.

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