Harmony "notation" in Musescore?

• Aug 24, 2011 - 10:13

Hi, amazing software, congrats. As a music teacher I use it with my pupils. However, it would be nice if we could use it in Harmony learning. The lacking feature is the classical music "code" for notation of chords and progressions, here are two exemples:



Here attached is the other exemple , from Walter Piston's Harmony. Roman numerals are used for analysis and "normal" numbers for describing the chords. I tried adding numbers with "lyrics" option, but don't work very well. So:

Is there already a way to do that? If not, adding this to MS abilities would be very useful for teachers. Thanks

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If the Musescore team want to use my font FiguredBassMH in MuseScore, no problems as far as I'm concerned.

It would be a handy feature to have, even at a rudimentary level. The Chord tool seems to work fine for basic figured bass, even if it's necessary to drag the figures aroud.

I'd be interested in this as well. This is called Roman Numeral notation (see //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_numeral_analysis ).

The image (attached by pdro74) shows some examples of this, and one of the main features required is to be able to add a vertical stack of numbers/symbols (which indicate the inversion) to the right of a roman numeral (which indicates the scale degree).

My current workaround is to use sub- and superscript for the numbers: obviously not ideal.

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There are fonts you can find online that provide characters for this. I've used the demo version of SicilianNumbers with some success. Typing "V Shift+6 4" (eg, V^4) will yield the following:


I wish it did full horizontal bars above and below for the "V" instead of just the serifs (to make the distinction between capital and lower case more obvious). It's clear enough in this font, I admit, but when studewnts handwriting Roman numerals, the bars are more important for clarity, so I'd prefer my own educational materials provide a good example. Still, I like that this font has nice automation for the number stacking and other special symbols. Nicely thought out. Unfortunately, the site that formerly provided this seems down.

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Thanks for the hint to look at fonts that do what I need.

Some more searching for music notation fonts:
//www.music-notation.info/en/compmus/musicfonts.html lots of references to fonts
//hindson.com.au/info/free/free-fonts-available-for-download/ has a large number of fonts, but not one that helps me for this;
//tagg.org/zmisc/FontKeys.html has a few music notation fonts: XPTChords is closest to what I need (but it requires obscure diacritics characters for entering the stacked numbers).

While searching the internet, it seems MS maybe needs a equation editor facility, so that this (and other features) can work with arbitrary fonts.

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