Alt-F,A for save-as, please?

• Aug 26, 2016 - 13:27

In the File menu, there's no option with "A" for a hot key, and there's no hot key for "Save As". Can "A" be made the hot key for Save As, as it is in certain other applications I'm used to?

I've tried making the shortcut for Save As "Alt+F,A" but this doesn't work. I think maybe the menu hot keys have to be hard-coded into the application?



This has been requested a number of times previously, and, indeed, I was under the impression that it was going to be added to the present version. However, no joy.

I did a search for "save as", both with and without the quotes but was unable to find any links to share with you.

Someone else may provide them, I hope.

Works for me (well, Alt+D,A, the D for Datei, German for File
I think they are encoded in the translations?
What language setting are you using? Which OS?
Is the F in the main menu and the A in the submenu underlined?

We need to make a distinction here between a shortcut and a mnemonic.

There *is* already a shortcut for Save As: Ctrl+Shift+S. This works independently of the menu, by which I mean, it would work even if the menu were disabled (some OS's may allow that?). Shortcuts are customizable via Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts.

The key sequence Alt+F, A isn't a shortcut, it's a mnemonic. Alt+F activates the File menu (which you can see because the "F" in "File" is highlighted), then "A" is *supposed* to activate "Save As" (which you should be able see because the "A" in "Save As" should be highlighted). Mnemonics are not customizable - they are hardcoded into the menu structure, and they will generally differ between languages since there may be no "A" in the translated phrase for "Save As". However, the way we implement shortcuts, the keys A-G are hardwired to do note input and cannot work as mnemonics - see #101991: Menu mnemonics A-G create note in note input mode. This is a bug, hopefully fixable.

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