More volta questions/problems

• Aug 27, 2011 - 12:12

I know that there are a lot of feature requests related to voltas, and I’d like to throw another one into the pot:

I have a few pieces that have voltas inside of DS. That is to say that part of the music repeats twice, and then, at some point, the music returns to the sign, which appears before (or more precisely, simultaneous to) the repeat. For reasons I don't understand, after returning to the sign, the repeated part does not repeat (that is to say that it only plays once). It appears that there is a “volta counter” that gets set the first time through, so, when the MuseScore repeats to the sign and finds the repeat bar, it says, “Oh, I’ve already played this the maximum number of times; I shouldn’t play it again.” Thus, it ignores the repeat bars the second time.

Just to complicate matters, there is another set of repeat bars later in the piece; MuseScore appears to ignore these, too. (Please see attached file…)

I think that there is a “repeat counter” variable that should be re-set to 0 after a set of repeat bars is completed.


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Actually, it's not a given that a DS should always take repeats. I ususually write in an explicit "take repeats" or "no repeats" to rempve any ambiguity. What is needed is a way to tell MuseScore which you want. I tend to not worry about it, as I use playback only to check my work, not to generate a MIDI performamce on its own. If my goal was to generate a MIDI performance, I'd probably just write out the Ds and/or the repeated section (eg, copy and paste).

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