The "Mixer" window is much too easy to (!)-up with the mouse wheel!

• Sep 7, 2016 - 21:41

So, you open up the "Mixer" window and there are lots of instruments there, so without thinking about it too much you move the mouse-wheel and ... whups! ... you just (irrevocably) changed a setting on some instrument. Unless you were paying attention (which you weren’t), you now have to try to guess what the setting was.  

I suggest that this window (and other windows like them) should consist of information-display panels that are devoid of controls. To actually change an instrument, you double-click on it, which opens a modal dialog (with “OK” and “Cancel.”)

Thus, the act of changing a mixer setting becomes an explicit act, and it has the ability to Cancel.

The mouse-wheel should scroll up and down among these panels.


In reply to by Isaac Weiss

Well, as a matter of fact, it so happens that I do possess these technical qualifications (aye, more than 30 years’ experience ...), and, just as soon as I can drag my head above water with regard to my day-job clients ... (roll-eyes) ... you will be hearing again from me in the appropriate channels.

I do, in fact, possess both the “will” and the “skill.”   (Although, please understand, I have not yet “Signed Up.™”   I must carefully study what you are doing, first, because “what you are doing” is so awesome that it is ... well ... more than a little bit intimidating.   And, of course, I mean that with the utmost peer(?)-to-peer respect.   MuseScore is awesome.)

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