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• Sep 13, 2016 - 03:34

Hello, I need help on how to handle and approach the XML Chord Files. I'm using the latest stable version of Musescore 2.0.3. I use a special font NOT implemented in Musescore for chords, so there are some things that are not super-scripted. For instance, any accidental symbols are not super-scripted when they should be. This isn't a problem on Musescore's end, as I'm not using the Jazz chords implemented. What I want to know is how to customize the chords to perform special tasks such as automatic super-script for specific symbols, change in look, and so on.

I remember reading a post that Marc Sabatella made where he said if you change certain lines, then you could perform special actions. I'm not entirely sure what he meant though, here's the post: . Yes, I understand that it is quite an old post, but my point still stands. It would be greatly appreciated if I could get some help for this.

I've attached a screenshot of what I'm talking about.
Thank you. Musescore Screenshot.png


It is possible, but it definitely requires a lot of patience and a good comfort level with editing XML and general computer software concepts. Are you sure it's worth the trouble? Have you tried the built in "Jazz" chord style for MuseScore 2?

If there is some special reaosn you need to use this special font and it does not already have the superscripting built in, you can definitely do that via XML. I'd start by making a copy of the chords_jazz.xml file and studying it to get a sense of how it is organized, and then change all instances of MuseJazz to your font, load it via Style / General / Chord Symbols, and start experimenting. Then, when you have more specific questions, feel free to ask them here. But always keep in mind, the built in "Jazz" style works right out of the box :-)

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Okay, so I now have a fairly great and reasonable understanding of editing XML (I use the Atom software). Anyway, I know exactly how to change certain symbols and the font and all that; all I really need help with is Super-scripting. I know that there is a M:X:Y positioning line that you can put into a chord symbol, but I've been messing around with the copy and I haven't really made any results. So how exactly would I do that? Here, let me paste in what it looks like:

<.Chord id="242".>
<.render.>b m:1:-2<./render.>

Just remove all of the periods. Sorry, had to do that cause the proper message wouldn't have showed up.

I'm doubt that I actually did that correctly, but I was getting a couple of mixed messages when taking a look at the chords_Jazz xml (cause what I pasted was a copy of the Standard Chords), there seems to be something small that is fundamentally different on how the built in Jazz chords are created, so I tried mixing a couple of ideas from both files. Of course, that definitely wasn't the correct answer, but that's why I have come to you for assistance.

EDIT: Something went wrong with how the message was sent. Edited the copy-pasted text.

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It seems you are starting from the wrong file - there shouldn't be any chord id's at all. The file you are starting from is probably one of the old compatibility-mode fiels leftover from 1.3. Start instead from the current version - chords_jazz.xml. Then if you continue to have problems, ask away.

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It's not that chord definitions are evil - just that based on what I was seeing, it appeared the person to whom I was responding had mistakenly started from the wrong XML file. The 2.x files have only a small handful of chords predefined, and they do it without relying on specific ID numbers. The old 1.x files had literally hundreds of chord id's defined. If you are trying to set up customizations, you should be starting from one f the 2.x files.

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