Text Tools visible all the time?

• Sep 17, 2016 - 12:41

Is it possible to have the Text Tools visible all the time? It disappears once I've used it. Is this supposed to happen? Is there any general help on setting up and maintaining the "workspace"? Struggling to keep appearance as default.

Many thanks


Text Tools is visible while entering text. It disappears while not entering text because it would have no possible function - its only purpose is for editing text, so that is the only time it appears.

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Thank you for your reply.

It doesn't appear for me automatically when I go into text entering/editing mode - I need to right-click in the toolbar area to make it appear. It would be useful to have there all the time - or at least, for it to appear automatically when I'm in that mode.

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It should appear automatically and does for me. Could you attach the score you are having trouble with and orchids steps to reproduce the problem?

The only "text" editing mode where it does not normally appear is for chord symbols, because those are not plain text - there is all sorts of automatic processing and formatting applied such that are incompatible with allowing the user to provide his own formatting.

Hmm. Nominally, yes—right-click on the top toolbar. However, that seems to behave oddly, and also invites a crash when no score is open.

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