Just tried the latest download

• Sep 20, 2016 - 19:50

Don't have time to do a really good bug report, just reporting that it really messed up the score visually & I wasn't sure what happened. The bars in the 1st line were OK, maybe 1-8, then the next bar it showed was bar 24 (which I hadn't got to yet) all stretched out with some rests and random slur marks and notes. I thought maybe it had eaten all the other bars in between. This started after I started inserting horizontal spacers (Mac) luckily all the data was OK. I saved the score and opened with the previous 2.0.3 which I will be using from now until another rc comes out that doesn't do this.


If by "latest download" you mean the experimental nightly builds, well, yes, these are works in progress, kinks are to be expected. They are definitely *not* intended for real use yet; please do not expect that or try to use them that way. The nightly builds are for testing purposes only. If you are interested in helping test, please feel free, and we encourage feedback. But when you do post about your experiences with these experimental builds, please do so in the Technology Preview forum, and be sure to attach the actual score that you are having problems with and explain how we can reproduce the problem.

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