Playback not following the correct tempo

• Sep 19, 2011 - 01:45

I wonder after I've added Create > Tempo > select "Lent", "Slow", "Very Slow", etc into my score. When I tried to playback the score by pressed the "Play" button in MuseScore, it doesn't play the exact BPM set by me, the play panel's tempo remain at 100%.

Although I have no problem export as MIDI which showing the correct BPM.

Windows 7 64-bits
MuseScore 1.1


What do you mean by "it doesn't play the exact BPM set by me" ? What the difference? Can you attach a file to reproduct the problem and explain what you are expecting and what actually happens,

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Did you find the playback (when press the play button) the music score doesn't play at the correct bpm according to the tempo such as "Lent"or "Adagio" or "Ballade", etc you have insert from Create → Text... → Tempo?

I understand we can speed up or slow down the BPM % from the vertical slider in Display → Play Panel window. But at 100%, whichever tempo I've inseted, which mean it still playing at the default speed (probably 120bpm).

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The play panel is *supposed* to stay at 100% / 120 bpm. I believe that just sets the default speed for music that lacks a tempo marking, and provides a scaling factor to play back faster or slower than the tempos marked withi pn the piece should you need it. But with the play panel set at 100%/120bpm, MuseScore should play back pieces at the tempo marker on the piece itself via Tempo Text elements. If you have a specific score where this is not happenong, could you post it so the developers can take a look? Are you saying your tempo text karkings are completely ignored, or just that the tempo is slightly off?

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yup, it ignore the tempo marking completely. But now I tested, it appear to work when I launch MuseScore the first time today, in this test I add 4's quarter notes and add "Very Slow" marking, I found 2 bugs:
1) 1-2-3-4 <- When playback, the 1st note always appear to have shorter duration than the other 3.
The duration is played at 0.5 sec-1 sec-1 sec-1 sec when all are suppose to be 1 sec.
2) When I press play button, it always played from 2nd notes unless I have to press |<| button. Refer to (tempo test.JPG)

Now close the sheet and create a new sheet, I did the same way to add 4's quarter notes and add the same marking "very slow", when playback, it has completely ignored my marking. I tried to exit MuseScore and reproduce, it has also completely ignore my marking, even "Grave" tempo isn''t working. The BPM in Play Panel always appear as 120 (100%). Refer to (tempo test. - graveJPG)

I believe it's a binding issue from QT programming language.

I'm also quite confuse why it became 1.04 sec of play length when initially on my first test it only shown 3 secs as a maximum play length. This could be reset timing error.

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