Can't open MuseScore 2.0.3

• Sep 28, 2016 - 19:55

I logged onto the computer, and tried to open MS as usual. The icon is there in my tray as usual, but when I click on it, nothing opens, just an occasional flicker of an image on the screen. There is nothing else going wrong on the computer and virus programs are updated and run religiously. I tried different ways of accessing MS, but nothing works. Help!


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I confess: I don't understand what you are saying. All I can say is that this version of MS has worked very well up until today with the very same virus controls applied. I was using it this morning and all was as it should be. When I woke it up from sleep mode, it would not work. I re-booted, but this did not work either. I have made no changes to the system [Windows 10, btw].
Is this something where I need to reload MS?

Hmm.. just wondering if there was a recent Win10 update that might've caused this; 4 days ago we had a similar report in the Dutch subforum (; so far without a root cause or solution.

To make sure you're experiencing the same:
Does MuseScore.exe (or mscore.exe) show up in the task manager?
If you've done the reset to defaults (as mentioned by others here), do you notice anything different?
What about running it with -w (no web components) or -s (no audio)?

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Yes, MS does show up in Task Manager, but will not open. I have not been able to get the reset to factory settings to work, either. Nothing I do seems to work.
Is this something a complete re-install will cure? Very frustrating, plus I have a large work almost completed and on a deadline! Help?

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>> Is this something a complete re-install will cure?

It is possible. But not guaranteed. I don't think you have much to lose. In the past some problems with Musescore persisted even after an uninstall and reinstall. If you try it, I suggest you reboot, uninstall, reboot, and then reinstall. Just to be sure you have no processes hanging around that could interfere.

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it rarly happens that reinstalling fixes it (but it does on a few occasions), usually reset to factory is more likely to help, while a reinstall keeps the old settings.
Have you tried the other comand line options -w (no attempt to access Internet) and -s (no Sound)?

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You say you didn't get the reset to factory settings to work; Please elaborate. Were you unable to perform the command? Did you perform it, but don't seem to notice a difference in behavior?

And as asked before, have you tried either the -w and -s options and what do they result in?

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I followed your instructions as best I can. I got to a black screen [dos? command? I am learning, but I do not know very much it seems!] I hit the space bar, then typed in -F. Your instructions then said to press "OK". However, I could not find OK, including pressing enter key. That is why I said it went nowhere---that is as far as I got. Just now, I re-installed MS as suggested by another poster, but I am having the same problem as before. It opens to the start center, but when I select an arrangement, it again "goes nowhere"! Nothing else happens. It is very frustrating.
Thanks for your assistance--I hope someone is able to diagnose what needs to happen.

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-F in itself is indeed not a command at all, it is an argument to be added to calling the MuseScore executable. If you've installed MuseScore in its default location, your command line should look like this:
After which you still have to press Enter on your keyboard to execute the typed command.

Note that MuseScore must be closed/not started when you execute this.

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I am very happy to say my dear wife got this working again! She is much more a tech person than I am! There were 2 things going on, primarily my cat, I believe. Somehow, the icon in the tray was minimized; every time I clicked on it there was nothing there, just blank white screen. The cat has a bad habit of walking on my keyboard; I usually put the computer in sleep mode, but I suppose I forgot this one time and she again changed my whole setup. When my wife noticed this and restored the screen, everything came back correctly.
The other curious thing was that when we tried to enter the command code recommended by the kind folks here on the forum, the quotation marks ["] at the end were omitted. When my wife put them back in, the whole thing worked. Those are evidently more important than they seem.
To all of you who took an interest in helping a tech-challenged comrade, a heart-felt thank you! I guess it is the little things that matter.
Scott W

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