Sustain, Pizicatto, Tremelo in Mixer

• Sep 30, 2016 - 12:11

When adding certain instruments (like a violin) the MIXER actually adds THREE instruments (violin sustain, violin pizicatto, violin tremelo)

If I only need e.g. violin sustain, can I delete the others (they fill up my mixer with unnecessary stuff)?

Presumably all three of them pertain to a single staff (violin). How can I alternate between them within that same staff?


Also, although the appearance of three instruments in the Mixer might appear cumbersome or space-wasting to you, it actually does have a purpose:   it allows you to adjust the mix of each of these (in fact, separate ...) instruments separately.

The samples that make up each SoundFont’s representation of a single instrument do not always sound precisely the same, due to human frailties, but you can make slight adjustments to compensate.

I've been working on a string piece where I am using several instruments as an interim step to create harmony for each part.
I think it would be incredibly helpful to be able to show/hide the multiple lines in the mixer for each string instrument. Perhaps using the same feature as the palettes use for barlines, brackets, etc.
Having to scroll through the 'noise' to toggle mutes and solos is VERY cumbersome.
Another option could be indenting the pizz, sustain, trem voices to make navigating the mixer easier.

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This is actually a bit of a problem for larger ensembles. The mixer becomes quite unwieldy. My present score has the usual 5 stringed instruments plus 7 woodwinds, 5 brass and timpani plus solo cello. Not supersize yet but substantial. I see only a tiny fraction of it in the mixer window and have to scroll all the time. Even with a string quartet one how to scroll a lot.

Is there a way to make the graphics slimmer (horizontally)? Using a horizontal slider for example rather than the "watch face" that is there now. That way one could reduce the amount of scrolling and not just for stringed instruments.

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