mute and solo don't work in the mixer

• Oct 3, 2016 - 15:20

In my 3.0 (self compiled), If I bring up the mixer and press Mute or Solo on any of the instruments, and then press play, I don't observe any effect. The instruments do not seem to be muted at all.
Also there does not seem to be any indication on the form itself that I've pressed Mute. I.e., it does not appear to be a boolean toggle button.

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 16.19.40.png

I'm attaching the score I used to observe this problem.

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To be clear:

"Support & Bug Reports" forum: a good place to ask questions about officially released versions of the software, or to report what *appear* to be bugs but might just be misunderstandings

"Technology Preview" forum: a good place to do the same for experimental prereleased builds that may turn into future versions of the software (eg, 3.0 nightly or self builds)

"Issue Tracker" - the official place to report actual confirmed bugs (after discussion in the forum, if there is doubt) found in either released software or experimental builds (the issue tracker allows you to specify which).

From within MuseScore, you can easily reach the issue treacker via "Help / Report a Bug".

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