Can I "shift" all the notes 1 beat left?

• Oct 3, 2011 - 18:18

I wrote a piece in 4/4 and started on beat 1 of the measure. I now realize beat 1 should be beat 4 of the beginning, in other words, a quarter note pick-up beat into the 4/4. Is there a way to just "move" all the notes in the piece 1 beat to the left, shifting everything in one easy step? Or do I need to re-write the piece note by note?


Add a new bar at the beginning.
Ctrl x to delete into clipboard.
Select the appropriate place where everything should start and paste.

Add a measure before the 1st measure. Select it, right-click to set the measure properties. Make its actual length 1/4. Now select all notes from the measures, cut them to the clipboard and paste them starting from the rest in the new pick-up measure.

What does not get copied across (in MuseScore 1.1) are for instance dynamics, so you may want to temporarily add a duplicate instrument while copying/pasting the notes so you can add the dynamics and other elements that are not readily copied across.

I am reading 9 years later, and I found so much help. This is really a community for life. Thanks musescore, thank you all.
I had the same problem on a very long piece, I was about to give up.

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