Cannot paste chord name on a rest

• Mar 20, 2009 - 09:30
S4 - Minor

An user reported that he can't paste a chord name on a rest.


Reproduced with latest prerelease on Win Vista:
* Click on chord name
* click on rest
* CTRL-V doesn't work

It worked today.

1. open score with rests in bars.
2. Select 1 rest, ctrl-k, add chordname, and close dialogue box.
3. Select entered chordname.
4. Ctrl - c
5. Select another rest.
6. Ctrl - v

As I say, it worked today.


I have a workaround for this until it gets addressed in a new release.

If not already using them, select another voice (e.g. Voice 2 typically shows up ingreen instead of blue). Place a note where you would like the chord to appear (any pitch will do; just place it at the right place in the time domain). Highlight the note head and set it to invisible; do the same with the stick (if not using whole notes). Select the note, hit Ctrl-K and enter the chord name. It will stay associated with the note, but the note will note print.