Enhance TimeSig object to have methods to return numerator and denominator

• Oct 9, 2011 - 23:58

I am writing a plug in and want to export the Time Signature.

Unfortunately the TimeSig object only provides a method to return type - "an internal value describing the time signature. The only usage of this property is to copy the time signature from one TimeSig object to another"

There is a method to change the time signature:
change(int numerator, int denominator)

Could you add two methods, numerator and denominator to return the
numberator and denominator of a time signature? For example, 6 and 8 for the 6/8 time signature.

As a workaround, can you explain how to convert the internal method to a numerator/denominator time signature?


Many thanks


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In the mean time, it looks like I can test the value of 'type' and then do a case/switch on that. For example, I am finding that 3/4 time is type = 196, 4/4 is 260 but 'common time' is 1073742084 ...

Any chance that those values will be stable until V2.0 comes out?

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By looking in MuseScore 1.3 code, time signatures subtype has the following comment:
subtype() is coded as:
bit 0-5 denominator (n)
bit 6-11 nominator1 (z1)
bit 12-17 nominator2
bit 18-23 nominator3
bit 24-29 nominator4
bit 30 variation (alla breve etc.)

Plus these definitions:
TSIG_FOUR_FOUR = 0x40000104
TSIG_ALLA_BREVE = 0x40002084
and the method to retrieve the fraction is coded as:

Fraction getSig() const { return getSig(subtype()); }
static Fraction getSig(int st) {
return Fraction(
((st>>24)& 0x3f)
+ ((st>>18)& 0x3f)
+ ((st>>12)& 0x3f)
+ ((st>>6) & 0x3f), st & 0x3f);

Hope this helps.


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