Create/Export Rhythm Track

• Oct 11, 2011 - 04:16
S5 - Suggestion

Sometimes I'd just like to be able to study the rhythm of a song, without thinking about pitch.

It would be great if MuseScore could create something I call a "rhythm track".

Basically it would take all the notes (excluding rests) and set them to one pitch.
For example take all notes in a score, and change them to middle C.
The duration of the notes would remain the same.

As input, the user can choose which note value to use (for example, middle C, E4, C6, etc).

This would be really great for singers/students that want to nail down the rhythm of a song.


Fwiw, that would be pretty easy to wrtie as a plugin, and I think that's probably the best answer here. In fact, my slash notation plugin already does this, except that it also sets the volume of the notes to zero. But you could then select the passage and set the volume back to "auto".

How do you set the volume back to "auto"?
I can't find any menu option for it.

The MIDI file is now silent and doesn't make any sound.