I can't even write one straight line... :(

• Oct 21, 2011 - 08:44
S2 - Critical

Before I go into all of this, I just want to let you guys know that I really LIKE Musescore!

Now, in regards to the issue, I was just writing a Soprano line, and these three screenshots are what happened as I was writing the line.

I REALLY want to see this bug fixed so I can just go on and write scores.

You know guys, basic stuff is basic. Build MuseScore from the ground up, make sure basic features as note input WORK well, and then and plugins and all of the other fancy stuff that just fails to prove useful if basic functions like this one are not being handled properly by code.

I have attached the score as well as 4 screenshots.

Just try continuing that line as it is in the screenshots and you will have the same bugs come up.

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I just wrote a suggestion to your guys that it would be so much easier if the version number that we're using would be automatically saved in our user accounts on this website.

I know I have to post the revision number (a mere version I find might not be enough), but I considered that you guys could tell from the photos, right?

It's the latest stable MuseScore 1.1 version, revision 4611. (It's actually the revision number that you guys are after rather than the version, because, my understanding so far is that even the prereleases are previous nightlies themselves that were good enough to upgrade to the status of a prerelease, am I correct? :D I'm just trying to see if I'm smart enough to reliase these things on my own, I've never coded anything in my life except for .regs for windows)