Ability to remap instruments during playback

• Mar 22, 2009 - 20:42

Don't know if you're already planning to do this: in Mixer View, each instrument has a drop-down: can we use this to select a different instrument than originally planned? This way we can try different instruments and find out what we want.

Or if this was intended for something else, than this is a request to have the ability to remap instruments. This is especially useful if I use external MIDI instruments, allowing me to map to a non-GM device/channel/voice, for example.


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Although I can not speak for other developers involved in the MuseScore project, I tend to believe that MuseScore is a not managed by planning but rather by coordinating. If one has a feature request and can present a very strong use case which may benefit to lots of users, a developer might pick it up and implement it.

MuseScore.org has now a nice issue tracker in place which makes it possible to submit and list up all the feature requests. You can find it in the Account menu in the right side bar: Issue tracker. Feel free to submit a feature request but keep in mind to describe as good as possible.

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It would also be nice to change the patch, mid-score. There is a Midi message to control this, I believe called "program change". This would be useful for writing pieces for orchestra where a single player may have to play two instruments in a single piece, for example, the oboist may have to switch to English horn, or the Bassoonist may have to play contrabassoon for a few measures and then switch back.

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