Splitting Score for Piano Four Hands

• Oct 30, 2011 - 14:59

I just wrote a score for Piano Four Hands. The score looks, as if it is for two pianos, though everyone - seeing the notes - will immediately understand, that the score is for One Piano Four Hands. Normally those scores are printed so, that in the left pages appears the part for the pianist sitting at the left side of the keyboard and on the right pages the one for the pianist sitting at the right side of the keyboard. And whatever is printed on the left page is precisely corresponding to what is printed on the right page. For example: if on the left page appear measures # 1-25, then on the right page appear also the measures # 1-25, each with its part. Is there a possibility to split a score that way? If yes, let me know by sending me an email to Henry at hhenpo7@aol.com. Thanks.

I'll attach a few pages of the score herewith.


I don't know a way to do that automatically, but you should be able to extract the two parts into separate files (Files->Parts), then Save As to generate PDF, then reassemble the pages in your desited order using a PDF editor.

I don't know how to do it either, but it's worth pointing out that many duet scores are published in "four-staff notation", so it's perfectly acceptable just to print your score as is. This format has advantages: it's easier to sight-read, and easier to follow if there is any complicated interplay. Unlike two-piano scores, printing the parts separately doesn't reduce page turns.

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It's rather late that I reply to this problem as it seems easy: split the 2 parts and then reassemble. There is however one small problem. When reassemble side by side there is a crucial difference between page 1 and page 2. The first has the heading and the second should have the same heading except that in the left upper corner the text "Secundo" (or "Piano II") is printed. I've tried to do that by inserting a vertical frame before the first bar on page 2 and expecting all systems being automatically shifted one position down.
However, Musescore automatically puts the frame on the lowest position of page 1 instead of the first position of page 2.
Is there a possibility to determine where to put the frame, whether it's a simple frame or a text frame?

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