Support of VSTi (VST intruments)

• Nov 7, 2011 - 22:11

I would like to suggest you to add support for VST instruments, so the playing of the scores become really beautiful. VST instruments are very usable and the quality of the sound would be enough to publish music directly from MuseScore without additional edition.

I hope you consider this, it would save a lot of time, and give a lot of benefits.

There are many open source VST hosts that you can use as base. In example, this little program that is very versatile:

The author has in open source the anterior versions of the program. He says he does not longer put the program in open source because the users of the code never gave them credits. Maybe if you offer him to give him some credit in MuseScore's next version he would realise the source to you. Else you still can use the other code that is still a very usable program that host VST and VSTi .

I hope you can do it. Thank you.


Just in case you didn't know, you can already replace the default soundfont with others to get much better playback quality. the Fluid R3 soundfont mentioned in the Handbook in the section on soundfonts & playback is particularly good for most instruments.

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MuseScore is a free cross-platform WYSIWYG music notation program that offers a cost-effective alternative to commercial programs such as Sibelius and Finale. You can print beautifully engraved sheet music or save it as PDF or MIDI file. Composers can use the standalone version with Soundfonts as an audio aide to composition. You can Add-On MuseScore to LMMS (a free cross-platform DAW) as a "Composition Editor" thus complementing/integrating the features of both projects.

In Short,

To bad MuseScore can't drive (Addon to) my DAW kind of like a Novation or Akai controller. Then just end development in the Audio/DAW space.

Rant Version....
Most programs like Guitar Pro(GP), Sibelius, Ableton, LMMS, etc have strived , in my opinion, to be a basically a one stop shop sort of app. In GP, Sibelius, Cubase (i think) the traditional score writing is a major deal but they try to add the instrument, effects, RMS ,etc stuff that a DAW like Ableton, or samplers Kontakt etc really renders great samples/audio with non-traditional composition paradigms. The DAW's then lack what MuseScore, GP has .. IE. the traditional Composition, or tab entry methods. In Ableton I can plug my guitar into a SONUS G2M and play mono tones into midi, with GP or MuseScore and many others you hand or keyboard enter notes. In Sibelius they have a mic/pickup mono analog/digital tone to midi addon you can buy , there's the midi guitars, Computer gen programs to make midi then you import, beat loopers, etc , blah,blah... All interesting and useful ways to get ideas into a project.

Where MuseScore could really game change is to be a method of expression for composition that rewires to your DAW. Maybe MIDI at first but a integration development track that exploits/complements those innovative methods to enter ideas and works with any DAW. Maybe a Macky standard. The basic soundfonts in MuseScore would be where I would end the development in the Audio/DAW space. Very useful just to get the composition/arrangement score management done. Most players would stop there and record the actual piece in the studio with printouts on the stand.

Us armchair amateur producer wanna-bees can fire up ableton or whatever and compose/loop/sample/soundcraft or do whatever our favorite DAW lets us and use MuseScore as a great add-on tool in the traditional Score space lacking in the DAW.

1-I'd like to see a score/tab of my existing midi tracks appear when wired to the DAW using tracks, audio rendering,automation,etc from my DAW project.
2-I'd like to write a few lines of melody in museScore and hit record while the rendering occurs in my DAW track.
3-I'd like to select bars in MuseScore and loop/train like GuitarPro while controlling the DAW transport/project from MuseScore.

Mostly integration items like that with MuseScore perhaps on one monitor and the DAW on the other.
Seems easier than my rant explains. Just my 2 cents on this subject.

~I'm seeing Mozart add a staff ,sing into a mic, the notes appear, he assigns an instrument or rack, tweaks the loop a bit hits play the Vienna Symphony Sampler is playing it in the phones. -Amadeus

I don't really think we need, or even want, VST support in MS, principally because of the additional complexity of the UI that would bring but also because it unnecessarily combines two separate concepts in the music production process - composing and playback. I use SynthFont for my playback, and that does support VSTs, as well the use of multiple SF2s, so suits my needs. However, as SynthFont doesn't support JACK (and I can't get JACK to work anyway), I first have to dump my composition to a MIDI file, open it in SynthFont, then find the section I want to hear. What I could do with is a MIDI link to SynthFont (using LoopBe1, in my case). That way, my composition editor is still in an entirely separate workspace from my output manager, I can hear the high-quality sound I need to when being subtle in my work and have full control over the sound rendering. Plus, I can send my MIDI to all manner of other nice places.

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I'll admit that I don't know as much about this topic as the perhaps all of the previous posters but I dont' think adding VST support complicates the UI. Normally, it is a simpler matter from the user's perspective of telling the program to use VST and that routes the data to the VST unit. The player, such as the Aria player for Garritan instruments, is brought up and the instrument settings are done there.

After reading this forum for a while, I certainly hope the Musescore development team have a firm grip on the primary goal and priorities of Musescore given the very dirverse nature of "can't live without out" feature requests!

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