combining parts

• Nov 11, 2011 - 14:55

I have a score of an arrangment and I have added some more parts which makes the main score very crowded. I would like to combine some parts, eg Flute1 and Flute 2 into a single part with, say, tails up for Flute1 and tails down for Flute 2. Is there a way of doing this with Musescore (V1.0 rev 3996)?


Sure, you just need to copy and paste the parts int the same staff, using voice 1 for the up stem part, voice 2 for the down stem part. Do it like this:

1. Select the enitre contents of the fulte 2 part
2. edit->voices->exchange voices 1 & 2 to make it be in voice 2
3. Select the entire contents of flute 1
4. Copy
5. Click first measure of flute 2
6. Paste

That is, get the two staves in their correct voices, then paste the contents of the voice 1 staff onto the voice 2 staff. The opppsite won,t work, as the voice 2 part contains rests in voice 1 that will clobber what's in the voice 1 part.

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Is there a way to do this for the purpose of condensing the score, but still have the parts extracted out uniquely instead of as divisi on the same page?

I suppose you could do it by having both separate and combined instruments in the score, and hide the separate ones, but that seems like duplication that would be better to avoid.

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