Changing the duration of existing notes

• Nov 15, 2011 - 00:12

Hi everyone

I was trying to turn two minims in a 4/4 measure into a dotted crotchet, a quaver and minim. After changing the duration of the first note, however, I was somehow left with the situation presented in the image, with a 1/4 pause that doesn't allow me to double the duration of the last chord (from crotchet to minim). I know one cannot delete rests in MS, but I tried everything I could think of to swap the 1/4 rest + 1/4 chord with a 1/2 chord, and it just seems really counterintuitive how MS handles a situation like this. How is one supposed to do that? Maybe someone will explain it to me and it will seem easy, although I doubt it...

Many thanks in advance for any help!

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Actually, it is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. The thing to keep in mind that changing duration of existing notes does not move other notes. If you want to move other notes, you use copy and paste. But that actually shouldn't have been necessary in this case, from what you describe. Sounds the minim on 3 should have stayed right where it was, and all you really needed to do was shorten the minm on 1 then add a new note on the rest that would then have been created on the "and" of 2. So two clicks and you'd have been done. As it is, whatever you has resulted in a note on 4 that you want to move to 3. Again, to move, you use copy and paste, so click the note on 4, cut, then click the rest on 3, and paste. That moves the note. If you want it turned back into a minim, then you'd do that. So it's still just a handful of clicks.

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Are you sure you used Cut and not Delete? You have not be in Note Entry mode, and since it is a chord not just a single note, you have to select the whole chord before cutting. But it definitely works - cut and paste is a basic and essential feature of MuseScore.

If you still have trouble, it would help if you kisted he *exact* series of steps you tried. It should go something like this

1. Press Esc to leave Note Entry mode if you are currently in it
2. Shift-drag to select the chord
3. Ctrl-X to cut
4. Click the rest on 3
5. Ctrl-V to paste

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