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• Oct 14, 2016 - 07:20

I have made a SATB score in the key of C. How can I make MuseScore display it in that key but play it back in a different key (so I can read it in C but sing along in a more comfortable key)?


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Thanks for your reply. Yes, that's it. I gather I need to transpose everything to the playback key on the one hand, and set the staff properties to produce the display key on the other hand, but there seems to be a particular procedure to make it work properly?

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Indeed. Just a trick, but works well (maybe another way, but doesn't know by now)
1) Transpose (eg, one tone) -> By interval - > Major Second/Up -> Ok
2) For each staff now: right-click -> Staff Properties -> Play transposition -> Major Second/Up -> Ok

And so on for other intervals.
If only a semi-tone or a tone necessary, the "Tuning" in Inspector can be used.
1) Select all (Ctrl + A) -> click on "Notes" tab, in Select section: page bottom under palettes -> change the value of the "Tuning", 100.00 (semi-tone), 200.00 (tone)

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