Changing clef in concert pitch changes the wrong clef in the corresponding part

• Oct 17, 2016 - 21:54
Reported version
S4 - Minor

When I change the initial clef for an instrument in the score in the concert pitch view, also a clef is updated in the corresponding part. However, it is the clef in non-concert pitch (transposed) view which is changed.

This only happens if the part is already generated before the clef is changed. If the clef is first updated, and then the part is generated, everything is OK. That is, the clef in concert pitch view is changed in the part.

Here is a way to reproduce it.
1. start a new score (bigband template)
2. Add a note in Tenor Sax 1 and 2 (eg a concert pitch C)
2. generate a part for Tenor Sax 2
3. in the main score tab, select concert pitch view
4. drag a treble-clef with an "8" below it (an "octave-down-G-clef") on top of the initial G-clef on both Tenor Sax 1 and 2
5. Generate a part for Tenor Sax 1

The result should be the same for Tenor Sax 1 and 2 parts, but they are not. See the screenshots.

Tenor Sax 1 transposed (Not OK):

Tenor Sax 2 transposed (OK):

GIT commit: 4be5f35


Confirmed. And then if you try to fix it in the part, it's changes the score as well, which it shouldn't because they are in different modes (concert pitch on versus off).