Downloading the new MuseScore causes the PC to crash...very odd

• Oct 21, 2016 - 23:24

For the longest time, I've been using the 1.3 version of MuseScore I never thought of upgrading it, because I was fine with what I had. As of a few days ago, I downloaded the new version of MuseScore (version 2.0.3) from this site. It's a lot better than the older version, and I used it for a while. Unfortunately, my PC just froze, so I restarted it. I tried your program again, and once again, it froze. I uninstalled it, and decided to install it again, but this time after simply downloading the program, my PC froze. It's only after I've downloaded the program.

I'm very sure that MuseScore doesn't have a virus, so what in the heck could be the problem? I really want to download the new version again (I love how it'd been updated), but now I'm simply concerned that my PC will freeze again. My PC was having no issues until I downloaded this.

Once again, I really want to download this program and use it because I loved the features that are in it (the newest version), but I just can't understand why my computer would simply freeze as if your program had a virus. After completely uninstalling the program, my computer doesn't freeze and has no issues.

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