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• Nov 27, 2011 - 19:35

make guitar chord tabs sound on playback. Later on generate various rhythm effects and arpeggios available through a menu or a written instruction such as arp1 arp2 rock waltz1 jazz4 on the tab line. This feature could become the most frequently used of all the effects.


"This feature could become the most frequently used of all the effects."

Not by me - I write for real instruments.

If you want to do that there is Band in a Box.

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churchorganist you are very generous with your helpful and thoughtful advice to other users, and I appreciate that. I too like to write real music for real musicians and since my stroke I am unable to play guitar and piano properly, I was tired when I made the suggestion about guitar tabs, I really meant to say guitar chord names and beat markings. From experience I know that reading guitar scores for 4, 5 or six string chords is something few guitarists do and it would be futile writing such a score. The rhythm guitar is a real instrument played by real musicians, it is a shame I am no longer one.

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I believe guitar tab support is coming in version 2, which personally I welcome as I use Rockschool Tab + notation for my guitar teaching

Coupled with Marc Sabatella's work on improving chord support this should help a lot - selecting one of the jazzz chord templates now gives access to most of the chord symbols in use.

Slash notation is also being worked on, so this will also help with the writing of rhythm section parts.

Sorry to hear about your misfortune, but persevere, an organist colleague of mine also suffered a stroke and had to relearn to play, but he ultimately achieved the standard of playing he used to have.


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Sounds like you are talking about automatic playback of chord symbols, then? Given that MusScore is first and foremost a notation program, and there is still plenty of work to be done in that area, I wouldn't be expecting the addition of chord symbol playback any time soon. But there are a number of other programs that do this reasonably well - Band in a Box, iReal b, and an open source program called Impro-Visor. I would imagine that some day there might be better integration of MuseScore with Impro-Visor in particular. There is already a plugin to convert a MuseScore file to Impro-Visor format, but that's a one-way conversion. Ultimately, I could see just the chords being exported to Impro-Visor for rendering as a MIDI track that could then be played back by MuseScore simultaneously with the rest of your score, and having this process automated to the point where you were not necessarily aware there was a separate program involved.

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Sounds like you're already doing all the hard work. Time I looked at band in a box again. Thanks for all your work on a spiffing product that's improving all the time. Your next project must be an improvement on the voice synthesizer to give a better version of ooh and aah but not as good as vocaloid.

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