How to select a continous range of notes in one voice

• Oct 26, 2016 - 16:29

This appears to be a question that has been asked a number of times, but without getting a direct answer.

What am I trying to do ?
In my score, I have a section containing two voices.
I want to select all notes in this section within voice 1, and then push them all up by one octave.

What have I tried ?
Different variations of shift + click, control + click, click on first note and then see what is available in the context menu.

Results :
All forms of range selection will select all voices in multiple measures (except selecting each note one at a time of course). The selection context menu option gives a dialog which does not permit specifying a single voice.
I even looked at transposition, but could not see where I could specify a single voice.

Does this mean that this is simply not possible in v2.03 ?


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Nice one Shoichi, thanks.
Yes, this does exactly what I am needing.

For anyone else stumbling across this discussion, here is how to go about this kind of selection.

  1. Select the range of notes as normal, using shift + click
  2. Hit F6 - the selection filter will appear
  3. Check only the items you need - in my case voice 1
  4. Do your manipulation - in my case shift + up arrow to push the notes up one octave

There you go, simple when you know how !

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Thank you, this is so helpful! I spent so much time trying to figure this one out. Now I can select one out of a number of voices. The next think I am hoping to figure out it to make this voice somewhat stronger. When I select one note, it seems I can increase the volume to the right. But -- when I select several, throught your great tip, that no longer seems possible. Any advice?

For the record, while this is indeed usually the easiest way, the context menu *does* provide a way to select by voice as well. Select / More brings up a dialog, then check Same voice.

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