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• Oct 26, 2016 - 23:58

Similar to I've run into this strange annoying issue. I realize continuous mode takes care of it, but it's still a problem.

Unfortunately I don't understand the causes to show precise steps, but my screen sometimes, instead of skipping just one measure, will skip to the bottom of the page in page mode. It happens in playback, selection movement, and even note input. It seems to depend upon zoom level and where the score is placed, but I'm not sure. I captured two more instances of this with these .gifs

1) Moving back and forth between two notes and then zooming in a particular way, I continue going back and forth but the screen jumps to the bottom of the page.

2) On the same score I show that I can input a note (a G on the F-Clef) at a particular zoom level and at a particular view just fine, but then I move around a little bit with the mouse and attempt entering the same note with the keyboard, and voila the screen jumps to the bottom of the page.

I attached the gifs accordingly

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It isn't only on this particular score I've had this happen, but I attempted to open a fresh score and it didn't happen with just a few measures. One thing I've noticed is that with this particular score it doesn't happen on the first page, but as soon as I'm on the second page is when this jumping happens.

This is the AppImage of 2.0.3.
1.) Load up the score (I'm using a few fonts that might not be on your system so it may not look exactly right)

2.) In page view scroll to the second page

3.) Zoom in to about 150%

4.) The right-most note on the first staff, for instance Treble's f or d, select one of the notes, delete it, and press the f or d key to replace it.

5.) As soon as this happens, instead of the proper behavior of moving over to the next measure starting on the next line (and this works fine on the first page if you do this), my screen shows the bottom-left portion of the page.

I'll make a quick .gif doing what I just enumerated and upload it with the file. This is J.S. Bach's 371 Chorales.

(P.s. it would be cool to collaborate this so we could get them all done and uploaded onto one big file on the notation site, but that's another topic.)

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FWIW, I can't reproduce this, 2.0.3 on Windows 10. View advances to the next measure, same staff/voice, just as it should.

I might guess that the issue you are seeing is related to the invisible staff, probably something about the specific way you are trying to do things is causing MuseScore to attempt to change to that staff. But I'm following your steps as closely as I can and it isn't doing that for me.

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Hey Marc, I took into consideration your guess and removed that extra playback (non-view) only instrument in hopes it might fix my issue. Unfortunately it's still doing the jumping on my computer. So, I tried a few other things: I have a Windows 7 machine and I loaded up the score.
I can't reproduce this error on the machine at first blush, but then...
I am working in vertical mode in Linux, but my Win7 machine is defaulted to horizontal.
This is the Edit->Preferences->Canvas->Scroll Pages Option.
I switched this to Vertically as my Linux machine, and now when I zoom in and try it out, I get the same error again!

So maybe it has something to do with the Vertical option some how. Would you do me a favor and see if you're in Horizontal scrolling mode? If so, try out the vertical option and give it a shot one more time and see if you can reproduce my error.

Oh, and P.S. on my windows machine I have a greater screen area. The problem doesn't occur in 150% zoom but somewhere around 250% or so zooming: somewhere along the lines of having only half of the score seen at one time horizontally speaking.

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Good call - you are right, I can reproduce once I change to vertical scrolling. Please file a bug report on this to the issue tracker. Seems reproducible with even a trivially simple score (eg, add a page break somewhere within My First Score, scroll to page two, zoom in, start entering notes).

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