Incorrect screen view jumping within page view mode

• Oct 27, 2016 - 00:10
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S4 - Minor

I made a post and so I'll refer to it here instead of repeat. I know it's not very precise, but I hope it helps anyone developing currently.

also there's a post with another gif screen video capture happening during playback in


With some feedback a specificity to the problem has been brought to attention. The issue occurs when the Edit->Preferences->Canvas->Scroll Pages is set to Vertical mode. It also seems to depend on a certain amount of zoom-in level. I cannot reproduce the issue in Horizontal mode.

Within Horizontal scrolling mode and a certain level of zooming-in where less than the whole amount of the score is shown on screen (150% on my netbook, 250% on my desktop), there seems to be a certain "jumping" to the bottom of the page when advancing the cursor or while doing note-entry rather than advancing to the next measure. Actually, it even occurs when you're in the middle of a measure and you move forward one beat by pressing the right-arrow key. Another factor seems that it happens only on page two and onward rather than the first page of a score. So, to reproduce:
1) create new score
2) enter into vertical mode
3) add some measures and a page break to get into page 2
4) zoom in to a measure
5) insert a series of notes or advance by using the right key
There will be a jump to the bottom of the screen for some strange reason...

Title Incorrect screen view jumping withing page view mode Incorrect screen view jumping within page view mode

I find there is a jump too before I'm finished entering a bar, but it's more 'horizontal' (maybe depends on the perspective/what you have), I suppose.

Using MuseScore 2.1 Nightly Build 4a34643 - Mac 10.11.6.