Icons too small on windows

• Oct 29, 2016 - 02:14


I was wondering if i could get some help with something.

Now i know this has already been said loads of times, but i can't find anything that has helped me fix it.

Basically, a load of the icons are far too small.

I'm running windows 10 with an amd radeon 5450 (i think, near about), and a tv as my monitor. 1360x780 resolution.


Yes, there are known issues with certain unusual monitor configurations, including attempts to use a TV. For now, the best solution is to start MuseScore with the "-x" option to specify a scaling factor (eg, "-x 2" to make things twice as big). If you normally start MuseScore via a program icon, you should be able to add that in the properties for the icon.

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This is an old thread, there are other options now. To learn how to use command line options on your particular OS, I recommend doing a web search for that info. Ince you figure out how to use command line options, what you probably want is the "-D xxx" option, where "xxx" is the resolution of your monitor in DPI. That's assuming everything is too small - the score too (it should be actual size when viewed at 100%).

If you need further help, please provide more info - let us know what OS, what version of MuseScore, what the resolution of your monitor is in DPI, and attach a screenshot so we can understand what you are seeing.

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We still don't totally understand the cause. MuseScore is asking the system to tell us the resolution of the monitor and the system is telling us the wrong answer. Most likely, the problem lies in ho the system reports the resolution to us. but probably TV sets aren't intelligent to report their sizes correctly, and my guess is there is no way to correctly determine the physical resolution of certain TV sets. So most likely using those particular TV sets will continue to require user interaction to supply the missing information.

Other programs "solve" this by using fixed sizes for their icons, but then these are way too small on HD displays. It's the automatic scaling we do to make things look good on HD displays that makes some TV's not work as well.

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That's not a bad idea. We'd still want the default to detecting monitor resolution automatically, otherwise it wouldn't work upon switching monitors. For the next release, we will already support a new monitor resolution option that will improve on the behavior of the current "-x", scaling the score as well as the icons. But making it a little easier to specify that makes sense if we can't figure out a better solution.

Maybe for further investigation: Could you test, if this workaround works for you?


Another workaround I can remember in the last time you'll find here, but I'm not sure and warn, whether it's reliable, because there was never a reply (and I'm don't using windows for years)


(And yes, the most used option in such cases was the "-x" option, so booth comments/links are meant to understand this behavior more )

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the first option worked for me perfectly fine.

i didn't manage to try the "-x" thing because i didn't know where to put it in.

also, for some reason the menu at the side with all the dynamics and stuff isn't there. sorry if i'm being stupid but, how do i bring it back?

My third request to understand this behavior at least a little bit more for me:

"-x" means if you rightclick on the program (icon/musescore file), click on properties and append at the end "-x2" or "-x1.5". But what happens when you append "-x1"? Some users told, that this solved their problem.

(another way for rightclick is to use the teminal/console of windows and enter the command "musescore -x2" (or "-x1.5" and so on)


I don't know if anyone mentioned this yet. I just switched to a new PC running Windows 10. I"m using the same monitor I had with the old PC which was running Windows 7. I also had the "small icons" issue on Win 10. I did not have it with Windows 7. All I did was set the compatibility to Windows 7 on my Win 10 PC and all is now fine; appearance is the same as it was for Win 7.

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