Multiple Voices in Piano Music

• 6 years ago

I have recently installed MuseScore and I am having problems with multiple voices. The voices on the bass cleff have been put in as voice 1, voice 2, voice 3.

In the 3rd bar, the end bar line is too far to the left and intersects the last pair of semi quavers. Also, the software has created the three rests in bar 4 and 5 on the bass clef. If I delete these, the bar lines move to the left ????.

I must be doing something really silly. I would like to tidy up the positioning of the bar lines and get rid of the three rests. I have checked all the documentation etc, but cannot seem to understand what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks for any help

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Unfortunately, it looks like your score has somehow become corrupted due to one or more bugs in MuseScore. If you do a search on "corrupt measures" in this forum, you'll find some advice on what to do or not do to avoid some of these bugs. Mostly, it seems to be copy and paste operations involving triplets, multiple voices, and/or partial measures. Generally, it seem to be the sort of things that people do when first experimenting with note entry and trying to figure out how it works that triggers these problems - like MuseScore doesn't deal well when the user does something inexpected. But there are definitely at least a couple of totally legitimate operations that trigger this as well. As always, if you can figure out what specifically might have triggered this in your case, I'm sure that would be of immense help.

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After seeing a fair number of these corruptions, I will (again) ask whether the steps that lead to the corruption could be re-constructed by replaying MS's extensive undo history (which I believe is saved in a session file?). Relying on user's memory of what steps they took hasn't yielded a reproduction yet, but this type of corruption seems to happen a fair amount.

edit: oops -- my apologies for referring to a "session file" that just simply does not exist in MS. I must have mis-remembered this thread: where a session file to store undo history was suggested as an idea. Even so, we might get lucky, if a (future) corrupted score hasn't been closed, then undoing back to an uncorrupted state might at least jog the memory of what steps were taken before the corruption.

Thanks for the quick replies. Its good to know that the product is well supported.
As you rightly point out, I was experimenting quite a bit, and am not really sure what I did to end up like this. The three superflous rests just appeared at some point, and I can't get rid of them.

Are you saying that if I keep doing CTRL z, I will get back to a point where the the score was not corrupted, I can certainly try this and let you know what I find.


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