Removing measures

• Nov 3, 2016 - 14:09

Running Musescore 2.0.3. Can't seem to remove measures from the beginning of a score without affecting the balance of the score. The only way I made this happen also lowered the rest of the by an octave. Can anyone help?


Thanks for responding. The piece is scored for piano, grand staff, key F♭, but I prefer not to post it. I do know enough not to include the clefs in the attempt to remove the initial measures. In fact, I tried removing measure 2 only, and couldn't. No problem deleting the contents of, course, but no luck with the actual measures. I'm hoping someone can give me the procedure, as I can't find it in the online guide and it isn't apparent at first glance how to do it from the onscreen command options.

Thanks all for posting. I did try the ctrl/del method, which worked perfectly for measure #2, but when I tried removing measure #1, the rest of the score was transposed by an octave. However, I just duplicated the second measure into the empty first measure, then removed the second measure using the ctrl/del command. All is now good (until the next headscratcher). Tin Pan Alley, here I come.

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Again without seeing at least a portion of the score we can only guess, but my guess is that the first measure contains a non-standard (for that instrument) clef change, so deleting the first measure reset the clef to whatever is standard for that instrument, and this makes it *looks* like it transposed by an octave even though it really wouldn't be.

My thanks to all who responded. I will keep a note on the ctrl/del command, since I couldn't find that without asking for help. As an aside, my previous reference to F♭ is, of course, an error, meant to say F minor, four flats, don't know where my head was on that blunder!

Musescore has been a tremendous resource for me (said as a past and future donor to the site). Once again, a hearty thank-you to all for the support.

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