Text Boxes Jittering around.

• Nov 4, 2016 - 03:01

I have just learned how to add extra verses at the bottom of a score using an appended vertical frame and then inserting one or more horizontal frames.

As in: https://musescore.org/en/node/24475

And it is good.

But I have a couple of little hassles:

I sometimes get the second frame superimposed on the first (inserted horizontal frames) and I have a hassle grabbing the edge of the one I want so's I can position it where I want it.

And sometimes they 'jitter' all around, they don't just stay put.

Three frames is all I'm doing. Three inserted frames side by side in the appended vertical frame. Then I do 'add text' inside the inserted horizontal frames.

It is getting the three side by side, disentangled and positioning them that is the hassle.

Is this just got to be worked with or is there something I'm not doing/doing wrong?


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That is working well, thank you.

Just one tiny thing: a word in italics.

The verses I am copying require one word in italics at the end of each verse.

A trivial thing. I can get by without it. But for the sake of knowing - can it be done?

For all I see is the ability to edit the whole text.

I guess I could make a 'new' text and drag it around to that place. Would that be the way?

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