Chord names in MuseScore

• Dec 9, 2011 - 19:02

I have noticed that the chord name feature in MuseScore doesn’t recognize some common chord names. Several come to mind but an example would be Cm7-5 or sometimes written as Cm7b5 (where the lower case “b” would be shown as the music flat sign). [For those unfamiliar, this would be a diminished triad with an added minor seventh — the notes C, Eb, Gb, and Bb.]

There are two indications when MuseScore doesn’t recognize a chord name. First, if the name contains a sharp or flat, MuseScore doesn’t convert the # or b to the appropriate music character. And second, unrecognized chord names will not transpose.

Is it possible for the user to create new chord names — to add to MuseScore’s list?


I'd also suggest the manual:

The chord you mention is definitely supported; you just have to spell it the way the chord name style you have selected expects it. If you like "m" for minor chords, then you would probably want to use "stdchords.xml" as your chord name style, and then the chord in question would be entered as "Cm7b5".

Also, to see a complete list of the chord names recognized by your currently-selected chord name style, try the Plugins->Lead Sheet->Create Chord Chart.

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