Spacers between lines of music (not just different staves)?

• Nov 8, 2016 - 17:32

I am composing a piece for piano and when I observe it in Page Mode I can see it looks extremely cluttered and there needs to be more space between lines of music. Unfortunately, spacers only seem to work with different staves on the same line, resulting in there being no apparent way to make my music more legible. Is there any other way? If there isn't, please implement this in 2.0.4 or 3.0.

I have enclosed a screenshot of my issue. Cluttered Staves (MuseScore).png


For the record, spacers work the exact same way whether used between staves of a single system or between systems. In both cases, you need to stretch all the way to the next system before any effect all is seen. The idea is that you are request at least that much space, and since there already is that much space, there is nothing for MuseScore needs to do, so it does nothing.

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Hi Marc
on a similar note, I have just used the magic bullet "Implode" on one of my scores. Then I had to go through all 19 pages (fortunately only 19) to set spaces between the trumpet and Baritone, and Tbns and Tpts. I think that it is currently NOT possible to set spaces (as just mentioned) in 'one' hit. All the other spaces were fine. A global 'hit' using Style would not have made the job any better as I would then have run out of space on my page.
If I've missed something, I feel sure you'll put me straight. If not, can I put a request that it be considered possible in future iterations of this marvelous software.

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