Unlimited number of lines on a staff

• Nov 9, 2016 - 14:06


The number of lines on a staff seems to be limited to 14. I am designing a new system of music notation for the piano and a need 15 lines in a staff.
I guess there is a constant NUMBER_MAX_OF_LINES in your code. Would you move up this constant to, for example, 20 ??

many thanks in advance

Michel Futtersack


There is no such thing, the only limitation is the paper format you are using.
Get and configure MuseScore for longer pages and you'll fit more instruments.
See https://musescore.org/en/handbook/page-settings
Or decrease the size of the staves, probably best by decreasing the space setting in the same dialog

Ahh, sorry, you are talking about staff lines in a staff, not staves in a system / on a page?

There indeed is a limit of 14, as far as I can see this is set hard coded in ...libmscore/clef.h, line 106 : "signed char _lines[14];"
Hmm, more likely it is in ...mscore/editstaff.ui, line 582 and ...mscore/editstafftype.ui, line 124 and indeed changing those values does result in the ability to have more than 14 staff lines per staff.
Currently I see no reason not to bump them up.

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