"A Tempo" changes playback tempo to 120

• Nov 9, 2016 - 23:34

For some reason, when I put "A Tempo" in a score, it reverts the tempo to 120 BPM, regardless of the tempo the piece was at. My composition has a tempo of 65 BPM, and the "A Tempo" I placed after a ritardando, which isn't supposed to affect playback, is still reverting it to 120. I had to do a tricky process that caused just one sixteenth note in the piece to have this effect, but this is one note more than it should.
Is there anything going on? I appreciate any help.


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And a tempo text where the tempo can't get derived from the tempo text itself (via 'follow text' , like with a 'quarter note' = 65) defaults to 120 BPM.
With an 'A Tempo' following a 'rit.' made of multiple subsequent (invisuble) tempo texts, it is practically impossible for MuseScore to determin which tempo to return to. That is at least as long as MuseScore directly supports a 'rit.'. And even then this neds to get coded, it currently is not.
Something like
if (tempo_text == "A Tempo") tempo = tempo_before_last_tempo;

I guess you are adding a different tempo marking then changing the text to "a tempo"? Anyhow, to control the playback effect of any tempo marking, see the Inspector. You will need to change it to whatever you want it to be.

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