Openin older file - and saving it with added errors

• Nov 13, 2016 - 11:23
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(My real vesion is 2.0.2. It is not here in offers. Maybe I should have newer, but it means to contact linux admin. I'll do it after some time.)

I have an older song from 2012. I can open it and all works. But if I change anything (or even if I change nothing) and save it again, then errors appear while next opening.


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His Heart Is Not a Stone.mscz 32.09 KB


Strange that the corruptions are only reported after save and reopen (and this happens in 2.0.3 too, so don't worry about that).
However, see on what to do to fix this. It is not MuseScore 2.0's fault, the score was broken before, 2.0 is just detecting it.

The root cause seems to be that this score is supposed to be in 6/8 but doesn't have any time sig, so defaults to 4/4, but only has notes/rests enterad in 6/8, probably happened when you deleted the 1st measure of the score and the time sig along with it, probably long time ago without noticing.

Attached a (hopefully) fixed versions for 1.3 and 2.0

I thank you very much. It would be useful if program enabled going through all the broken score, marked errors and let user correct them.

Status (old) needs info closed

Which wouldn't have been useful in this case, where every measure in every staff was having an issue
I believe we can close this issue, unless someone can come up with steps to reproduce the corruption. Reopen, if you can