The Brandenburg Ensemble SoundFont

• Nov 17, 2016 - 01:59

Ladies and Gentlemen, May I present to you, “The Brandenburg Ensemble SoundFont.”

The SoundFont contains ALL SAMPLES from the No Budget Instruments Site:

Brandenburg Ensemble SoundFont is a Free “Creative Commons’ Zero License” SoundFont for EVERYONE to use.

Though it might NOT be a great Title for the SoundFont, It’s still AWESOME!!!!!

Note: This SoundFont is ONLY to be used for ALL MIDI FILES of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. Sometimes it can be used for other .midi files with THESE INSTRUMENTS ONLY!!! That’s why it’s called the “Brandenburg Ensemble SoundFont.” (LOL!). It can also work with MuseScore. The SoundFont comes with some info and .MIDI Files of the Complete 6 Brandenburg Concertos.

A lot of people can use these instruments and Samples for other SoundFonts their creating.

When a lot of people download this SoundFont, they can use it for their own MuseScore Compositions. Let me know what you created by commenting below.

List of Instruments you can see:

You can also Rename, Edit, and Adjust these Instruments and Samples if you want.

Solo Violin:
Solo Viola:
Solo Cello:
Solo Double Bass:
Solo French Horn:

Download the SoundFont Here:

Enjoy the SoundFont.


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