Ticking hide blank staves and including first system loses left hand bar line

• Nov 18, 2016 - 17:03

The enclosed score is chopped down from a bigger one. But as you can see: the bar line on the LHS of the remaining (first) staff is missing. This only affects the first system. Empty staves on other systems work just fine.

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If you want, that the clef staff is shown in this parts, insert a note (maybe in another voice) in this part to the clef staff an deselect 'visible' for this element in the inspector. (not sure if this was your question)

Not sure what you mean. When I open your score in the current version - 2.0.3, - this is what I see:


Are you seeing something different, or expecting something different?

BTW, instead of making the time signature invisible, might be better to suppress it entirely, so it doesn't take up space unnecessarily. Right click the staff and see Staff Properties. Although I think to be completely effective you'd need to do that for all staves.

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I am using 2.0.3 (on ubuntu) and that initial barline before the clef is missing. Not just on this score, but everywhere I do it. I have just noticed that on a two page score (with forced page break + end section), it does it on the second page as well. It isn't just a UI artifact, it appears on the final print as well.

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Ah, on further examination it seems the barline appears at first then disappears on the first relayout. The shift on first relayout is not uncommon glitch with the hide empty staves option.

Anyhow, the norm in music notation is to not show a left barline for systems containing a single staff. Well, it's *one* norm, anyhow. It's also relatively common to go ahead and show the barline anyhow. MuseScore lets you choose which style you want - see Style / General / Barlines, "Barline at start of single staff". Check this option and you'll get the barlines.

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It's the spooky "at a distance" or "turn it off and then on again" business that concerns me. I had closed the program and, on reading your reply, started the program again. And guess what: the bar lines were back again. Notwithstanding the question of "style" - it should be consistent - regardless of how much fiddling one does in the UI. I have done as you advise, the bar lines are still there :-)

Thank you for your help. It's much appreciated.

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Feel free to file a bug report via the issue tracker regarding the glitch on load. Like I said, there are a couple of similar glitches with that option, where there is sort of a "Catch-22": until we know why measures on on the system, we won't know which staves are empty, so we don't know which need to be hidden, but once we decide to hide a staff, things like this (that depend on knowing which staves are hidden) change. So the very first time the score is laid out - either or load, or right after switching the option on or off - you can sometimes see a glitch like this. It always fixes itself and then remains fixed so it isn't really anything to worry about, just to be aware of.

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