Optional/addituonal notes in fretboard diagrams

• Nov 21, 2016 - 19:35

Has there been any discussion of allowing multiple notes per string in fretboard diagrams? I see one mention in passing but perhaps I'm overlooking something. In some situations, it would be helpful to show a chord's modifier note, such as a trill or grace note. In others it would be good to use a diagram to show a series of scale note positions that would support a particular harmony. The additional notes might appear as solid black or gray dots, or as hollow circles. My preferred interface would be a toggle inspector property to "allow multiple notes per string" and the ability to choose or rotate each dot's dot appearance as solid, gray, or hollow. The main use for this would be in teaching material, though I can imagine situations where a normal score might also benefit. Sorry if I've missed a discussion on this.


Is this a standard in published music? If so, then it definitely makes sense for MuseScore to support directly. But if this is just something you are wanting to do on your own, I'd say, why not just add text or something from the Symbols palette? And then if there is something preventing that from working as you'd want, we could look at adding this more general functionality, rather than adding a specific feature just for your unique use case.

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It is standard, to the extent that anything is standard in this idiosyncratic area. It is obviously a less-common need, and is seen most often in instructional material (where it is quite common). However in a guitar method book, such diagrams would often be scaled up quite a bit and might be rotated 90 degrees. Nevertheless, showing optional notes in chord diagrams is a common technique (common as in widely present in the literature, despite relatively sparse use...like many of our palette entries). I will look for some examples.

I do realize that special personal needs don't belong in the core system, and I try to keep that in mind in posting.

Perhaps a more general functionality would be possible, but the existing mechanism is already so close.

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Sibelius provides the option to create hollow circles for their fretboard diagrams and also to be able to write the name of those notes by clicking on the circles. If it is present in one of the major notation software it is because it is needed consequently standard.

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