Issue with trills (MuseScore 2.0.2)

• Nov 22, 2016 - 03:54

Hi, gang!!!

I'm using MuseScore 2.0.2 into UbuntuStudio 16.04 LTS.

I discovered something that I don't know if it is a bug or I am doing something wrong:

Trills work so fine with Concert Kettledrum (in Spanish: Timbales), but not with Snare Drum.

??? Is it normal? ???

Some fix? ???

Greetings & Blessings from Chile!!!!!!!



I have a couple of questions. Is the Snare Drum in voice 1? Are you using the trill line (from the lines palette) or the trill ornament (from the Articulations and Ornaments palette)? Can you attach a copy of your score or a small sample that has that problem?

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The trills did not play in either instrument when I opened this score in 2.0.1. I removed them and replaced them with tremolo, and now it works.

I have seen both the tr~ and the tremolo mark used to incidate rolls on percussion, however I am not a percussion specialist, so I looked up the preferred notation. In Blatter's Instrumentation and Orchestration, tremolo marking is used in every example given, so that would appear to be the answer. Perhaps some of the percussionists here will chime in to confirm or expand on that point.

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I believe Recorder485 is probably correct about what is happening with the trill on the snare drum. I'm not a programmer so I can't tell you if it is intentional that the snare drum does not respond to the trill or not. There are several developers who follow these threads, perhaps one of them can confirm that it is intentional that you must use tremolo to get the snare drum to roll. Also, I'm not aware of having seen a trill written on a snare drum before, but I have seen it written on almost every other instrument I can think of.

By the way I got the same results as Recorder485 in MS 2.0.3

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I changed from trill to tremolo and now it is working, here!!!

BTW: I'm not a percussionist, but I have seen a lot of percussion instrument score parts marked with the trill line (from MuseScore Lines palette) to get the "redoble" (this is the spanish word to the english concept "drum roll"). So... I guess that is the "standard" symbol to this (maybe). The spanish word "tremolo" is used (here) more often to strings instruments.

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The trill symbol was commonly (although not exclusively) used in the 18th century to indicate a roll in timpani parts, but at that time, timpani were the only percussion instruments used in most orchestral music. The tremolo signs--one or more slashes through a note-stem (or above/below a stemless note)--were indeed used mostly for the bowed strings, as you say.

However, in the short time I played percussion at school (I was a bassoonist, and bassoons don't march, so during football season I played tenor drum--badly!), all the parts I ever saw had rolls marked using the same symbol used for string tremolo. The number of slashes indicated the speed of the roll.

That was in the 1960s; I have not worked with general percussion parts much since then (and rarely work with any music later than 1775), so it would be useful if a real percussionist could chime in here.

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There are not that many developers reading the forum. To give you and idea here is a list of Musescore contributors and their contribution:

I can confirm that tremolo are not played for percussion staves. MuseScore checks if the note is on pitched staff before rendering the tremolo… Even if it wouldn't there is currently no logic to render tremolo for drums and it will probably be rendered very wrong, meaning using alternatively another sound from the drumset. It would be useful if someone could open a bug report in the issue tracker together with a mscz file featuring the notation and the notation of the ideal rendition.

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@Iasconic I never said all of the contributors read the forums. I would count the 5 I see often as several. You read this and answered the question I didn't know the answer to.

You said MS checks to see that the percussion is pitched prior to applying a tremolo, but you of course meant trill. Since a trill is standard notation for many unpitched percussion instruments such as the triangle, I would think MS could simply pass it to the 3 line single note tremolo, which works just fine for percussion rolls. It is the notation that sounds best on playback for most music I compose and transcribe. I'll make it an official request. The change should consist of changing one line of code.

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