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• Mar 31, 2009 - 00:39

I just downloaded and installed MuseScore 0.9.4, but I have no sound anytime. I am using Windows XP. The blue bar moves along the music, but no sound plays.


What instrument do you want sound for? You will have to install a soundfont (see soundfont in the handbook) for Musescore to play back with different instruments. Also, have you checked to make sure that the volume is on in both the computer and Musescore? To check the volume in Musescore, go to "Display" and "Mixer".

Have you tested sound in other applications to check it is working?

Also could you take a screenshot for us and attach the image to a comment below? From MuseScore go to the "Edit" menu and select "Preferences...". Click on the I/O tab and take a screenshot.

I'm not sure what's wrong then. This is the first time anyone has reported a problem with sound on Windows XP.

The mute box for "SW Synth" wasn't marked was it? Also have you tried restarting the computer?

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How about try the following?
1) Reboot the computer. On power up, you should hear the characteristic Windows start-up sound. (If not, then something is wrong with your sound system.)
2) Don't run any new programs, immediately start MuseScore in reset mode, as follows:
- press "start", select "run...", type "mscore -F" and then OK.
This will start musescore with the default as first installed. It will load the demo score Promenade. Press the play button. It should play with sound.

Let us know what happens after this.

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@Xavierjazz: agreed
@Biz: please tell us what you observed first. e.g. you didn't hear start-up sound at reboot. If so, did you set it up that way? Did it sound at one point in time?
Also, it may be helpful to tell us if your computer make ANY sound at all.

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No sound for me either folks. Win xp, just installed. I'm going to look for soundfonts since I have something that has to be notated by Saturday. Note that the demo piece works great, it's just whenever I create a new file or import a midi file.

Actually this isn't exactly true -- I do get sound, for only the first (topmost) voice in the topmost staff. So I have a piece of music with multiple instruments, and the bottom ones don't play, and only the soprano note of the top instrument plays, no chords. This behavior is not exhibited by the demo Mussorgsky thing.

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Control panel
Sounds and audio devices

Turn off the sounds you don't want, save the profile and use it as your default.


I restarted, ran in def. mode, and played worked like a charm. Tried to make my own, still no sound, but i went to demo and it played. is there a setting somewhere for each individual piece?

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Hi Bic, just what I suspected. That makes it much easier to diagnose instead of just "no sound". At this point there are separate approaches to take here. I'm guessing based on your responses so far, you may want a short-cut, which I'd suggest:
1) install the latest "prerelease", you can find it under and currently it is r1667.
2) download and set up a SoundFont. If you don't know how, follow the instructions in (initially you can select the smallest Soundfont, which would be Unison.sf2 there)
Let us know if that'd work...

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I installed the latest prerelease - the demo plays, but once i close out of it it doesnt work again. If i try to write a piece for a brass quintet - it wont work. If I however write for one instrument - say trombone it works. However if i do it for two instruments the bottome line doesnt work - though that may be because i dont have a soundfont. But no matter what - once I close out of it it wont work - i must reset everything if i want music to work.

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I got it to work temporarily. I reset all of the default changes on my I/O settings. Hm. I'm thinking it might happen again in the future. Anyways, regarding your message.

Error Messages: No.
When I click the play button: It plays almost like normally: the blue bar going through it, just no sound.
Has the sound worked previously: Yes, when I first downloaded for a long time after that, until now. Or.. a few seconds ago, considering I got it to work for a little bit.
Is sound working on other programs: Yes.

All the instruments have been playing fine, and all of a sudden there is no sound for the flute, all the other instruments are playing fine. I've checked if it was on mute in 'Mixer' but it wasn't, so this cannot be the problem.

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Hi gwenalaw -

It might help if we could look at the score.

If you've looked at the Mixer, also make sure you haven't changed the drop-down menu that says what a flute sounds like. Some of the sounds there don't make any/much noise.


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