Adding stave/new instrument.

• Jan 6, 2012 - 15:38


I fell stupid as I can't add another stave on already written one. (Trumpet is written and want to add clarinet)
I do:
Create->instruments and add clarinet. But the stave doesn't appear on score? What to do?


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OK that does work but yes was a bit hard to find.

Suggestion/feature request: If they right click on an instrument name, part of the context menu could be "Edit instruments"
Or another option: there is an Add menu but it doesn't let you add instruments? Adding it there might work too.

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I agree...
In a notated 'staff', there are many different elements one can right click and pull up different context menus. Each of these context menus are already fairly populated, some even displaying unavailable choices.

Right clicking an empty spot in the 'score' brings up a menu containing four items - easy to read.
Plus, creating a new instrument does result in a 'score' wide change; so right clicking into the score seems intuitive.


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