Stave option

• Nov 25, 2016 - 17:07

I have accidentally closed the space between two staves o one page. Unfortunately I did not notice this and saved my work .where can I find the tool to open up this space? Terry


It's possible you mean you used Shift+drag to drag two staves within a system closer together, although this would affect all pages. If this is what you meant, you can Shift+drag them apart again, or right click the lower staff, Staff Properties, and reset the "Extra distance" back to 0.

It's also possible you are just seeing the normal auto-fill in MuseScore where it "floats" the distance between staves to better fill the page and keep a consistent bottom margin. If you prefer consistent spacing between systems and don't mind the inconsistent bottom margins that will result, then set the max system distance equal to min in the dialog mentioned in the previous response.

If you mean something else, then indeed, you will need to attach your score so we can understand what you are talking about.

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