• Mar 31, 2009 - 20:10

Please add a keyboard short-cut for reload.


I'm not sure that this is a good idea since the reload command can not be undone and there is a chance that someone could press the keyboard shortcut by accident.

If you look at other software such as the "File > Revert" command in GIMP and Inkscape, or the "File > Versions" in Microsoft Word, none of these actions have a keyboard shortcut.

Reload is not something that should be used often. If you are using reload frequently then maybe it is due to a bug in MuseScore that needs to be addressed?

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Hi David.

The bug's in me, I'm afraid. I use it quite a lot as I am often checking out orchestral voicings - my ear needs to hear the writing to make sure it is acceptable to my mind :-)

As well, I'm sure those other programs could stand to learn a lot from this great new venture :-) :-)

It could be a complex shortcut, Ctl/alt/v/v for example

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Are you saying that once having played the music, MuseScore is locked up and you can't do anything else to the score until you reload? If so, that's not normal.
Or are you using reload to undo multiple changes if you don't like what you hear? It could get pretty ugly if someone accidentlly hit the keyboard shortcut for reload.
In case it helps, you can stop playback by hitting the play button again. Then you should be able to go about editing as normal.

Generally, I must reload after playing any part of the score. Occasionally I am able to work for a bar or 2 and then the program will not respond until I reload.

I had commented on this in one of my previous posts, but it was a small part of the problem I was trying to solve at the time, and I just accepted that the program had to be reloaded.

Now that I know that that is not normal, I will track my movements and try to describe everything more clearly.


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I am amazed at this conversation.

I thought that everyone knew what was happening and that it was "just the way this program worked".

When I enter a few bars and then play them to hear if I've been accurate in my transcription, when I stop the sequencer and try to edit a number of things happen, not all the time but most of the time I will try to describe some of them.

I have never had the experience of writing, playing and then doing extensive writing without reloading.

1. Often the program will just basically freeze, The left/right keys will have no impact on the position of the highlighted note and I cannot edit anything until reload..

2. Some times "play line" will move by using the L/R keys, and I may be able to raise or lower a selected note. However, scrolling beyond the visible screen will not change the screen page, neither will pg. up/down, and when I use the navigation window to get to the appropriate part, I will be unable to edit anything.

These are very common experiences, to me. I guess this is a bug.

Best regards,

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I have similar experiences while entering multiple voices. Voice 1 works ok, but occasionally when entering other voices, I will not be able to use the left or right keys, and if I try to enter notes beyond a certain point the cursor jumps back to the begining and over-writes what I've written there. I don't use the other voices very much and I'm not sure what I might be doing to cause this. Maybe it is somehow related, since the symptoms are similar?

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