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• Jan 31, 2012 - 23:19

I would like to have a capability to have the watermark at the background of the sheet music may be a .png or .bmp file.
Watermark function should work as the same as MS Word.


I would think it's easier to export (save as) your score to pdf with MuseScore and use one of the many pdf products out there to watermark the pdf.

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I would never put a watermark into a score that's to be used for performance. That's distracting visual clutter.

I would put watermarks only in sample scores that are intended to be downloaded at no charge for initial evaluation and may legally be forwarded to anyone and put up on file sharing services.

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Can anyone recommend a good PDF watermarking program or online service?

For the purpose of watermarking sample scores I don't need the ability to include images in watermarks, just simple text, with the ability to set size, position, orientation angle and shade of grey.

Watermarking would be a great benefit.

Even if it's initially limited to just simple text entered via the keyboard, in a light shade of grey and at some fixed font size and orientation away from horizontal, that would be a good first implementation.

If the font size is small enough then the text content can be repeated and will then cover most of the page area, so no small part of the score could be copied with no part of the watermark showing.

Ability to use a custom image, plus any text entered from the keyboard, and set brightness, contrast, colours, angle, size and position of the image and text separately would be a good enhancement.

Results of a brief search for free PDF watermark programs and initial experimentation with them.

I had a quick look at free online services but none seemed anywhere near as clean to use as the two best of the programs I found.

Many PDF creators exist which can add watermarks, but not to existing PDF files.

PDFFill PDF Tools

Seems to install with no crapware shown on the way.

Can insert text or images.

In text mode, can take only one line of text, with no paragraph separation, which it scales to fit,
so adding more characters means a smaller line of resulting text, but it does it well.

Grey font with the diagonal text "free sample for evaluation only" makes a seriously ugly watermark which few people would tolerate on a score in use, even printed on a black only printer.

Adding red outlines to the text makes it even more hideous, at least on screen or printed in colour. Lovely.

A strong incentive to do the right thing by buying a legal copy to use.

Watermarking by image works well. It can be scaled and positioned anywhere within the page margins.

It watermarks every page of the PDF file, essential for this purpose.

It can even make transparent versions of images, to use for watermarking.

Just right for this job.

Batch PDF Stamp

This one also seems to install with no crapware shown on the way.

Its text and images watermarking functions are similar to those of PDFFill PDF Tools.

It can watermark a large number of PDF files in one batch, but depending on the positioning of content in various scores you may need to add your watermarks in different positions. If so, doing all of them in one batch would be impractical.

But the free version watermarks only the first page, so it's only useful for watermarking single page PDF files.

What is the exact purpose for the water marks? I put two kinds of watermarks in the attached file. One is done with MuseScore's text tool (system text or something similar). It doesn't work very well, because some of the graphic elements in the sheet music get below the text layer, some above.

The other label is a simple png image that I quickly created with Gimp. Seems some elements lie below the image layer here, too, but since the png image has alpha transparency, it doesn't disturb that much. The thing is to create a black image for the watermark and then add the alpha transparency to make it grey. My png image text wasn't all black, there was some grey, too.

If you plan to use the same watermark in all your sheets, I'd suggest you design it once and for all in your favourite graphic editor as a faint transparent png image. Of course it would make very big pdf files, if the image is as large as the page. If you want to design a unique watermark for each sheet you write, the most convenient thing would of course be a built-in tool in MuseScore. And as a simple text thing, it wouldn't create huge pdf files.

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These online tools are really great if one simply wants to quickly edit something in pdf. Thanks for the link. I recall a similar service at //www.sejda.com/
But this doesn't offer the watermark feature.

For offline usage a really great free tool is PDFtk from PDF-Labs: //www.pdflabs.com/tools/pdftk-the-pdf-toolkit/

It is a multiplatform commandline tool and they also offer gui versions but there the advanced features like watermark demands the pro version of the gui. (cheap) BUT ALL features are available if you drive the commandline.

As it happens: if you have Libre Office or Open Office installed and dare to install PDFtk you can also try my Libre/OpenOffice-Document from my free Project "LibreOffice Songbook Architect" which lets you either use the PDFtk-Tools on your selected PDF (split,rotate,stamp,background,PDF-attachments,PDF-Security) or create a custom PDF with Titlepage, clickable TOC, PDF-Bookmarks out of multiple Music-PDFs with automatic PDF merging. The documentation may be a bit detailed but the usage is easy:

I would be happy if somebody can make usage of it and tell me about improvement suggestions.

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