Guitar Chord Diagrams? (store and recall)

• Feb 3, 2012 - 21:06

Hi, I saw Musescore mentioned in a jazz forum. I'm curious to know if your product has the capability to create (and store for recall) guitar chord fret diagrams? Many thanks for your response!


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No, I'm not part of the programming team, just a very satisfied user who helps out with technical support.

You may be interested in this thread in the Technology Preview forum, where issues regarding the new version are discussed. As Open Source software suggestions are always welcome, however it is up to the programming team if and when they are implemented.

If you wish to test out one of the latest nightly builds (a bit unstable at the moment) you can get to them by clicking on the Development section of the website on the right hand side.


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No - nightly builds are not available from the Download page.

Just stable and prerelease versions.

To access the Nightly Builds click on "comparison of stable, prerelease, and nightly builds." on the Development page.

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